Q: When is my account considered late?
A: Your account is late one day past your due date, a late fee of 5% of your payment is applied when your account becomes 11 days past due.

Q: What type of insurance do I need to have?
A: We require comp/collision coverage (also known as full coverage) with a deductible not to exceed $500. Insurance must also list We Finance Inc. as the loss payee.

Q: Can I set up an automatic payment?
A: You can contact the office at 707-584-4200 and request a authorization form that will allow We Finance Inc. to run a debit/credit card with a visa/mastercard logo on a specified date each month.

Q: What can I do if I can't make my payment this month?
A: You can contact the office and see if you are eligible for a defermant or can possibly work a payment arrangement out with the collection department.

Q: How do I know what my balance is or how much it would be to payoff my car?
A: You can contact the office at anytime for a payment history to be mailed to you and also request a payoff on your account that is good for 10 days.